One day you WILL work for someone else for the last time


I heard something crazy this week, “at some point in your life, your parent picked you up and put you back down for the last time" and that got to me and the thinking started. How many times have you done something and you had absolutely no idea that was the last time you were going to do that thing? Did you think that was the LAST video you were ever going to rent from Blockbuster the day you returned it? HAHA too soon?

It made me think about my own clients and did they actively internalize, "this is the last time I work for someone else" the day they walked out of that job to start their own business? Whether you work for someone else until you retire, move on or keel over -- someday you WILL stop working for another person. How crazy is that to think about? The day WILL come that you exit whatever it is that you're doing. It may be because of really good things like a promotion or starting your own business or a career change. It may be because of not so good things like being let go, company closing, or you're physically unable to continue.

It's an intense way to think about how your life unfolds but it's strangely calming in a way. When you absolutely know that one day you'll stop working for someone else it puts starting your own business into perspective a little bit. You can choose to make that day happen on your own terms or you can wait for it to happen to you. If you'd like to explore what starting your own business looks like please let me know - and I'll talk to you about your goals, budget and timeline to give you honest feedback on your options. If we can get you into a business - great! If we need to give you tangible goals to work towards so you can try your hand later - that's great too.

Starting your own business is hard work and can be stressful to even explore but wouldn't it be amazing to be able to look back and say, "the last business I started was...."

Jeremiah Marquis