Can someone help me with franchise businesses?


Recently I was talking to a colleague about what we each have been up to the last couple years and I began to tell her about all of the wonderful clients we've helped place into businesses. I was bragging about all the different types of people, different types of industries, areas of the country we're seeing growth and the true "gems" we find in different companies. I started rattling on and on about the financing and the process and the discovery days and on and on and she stopped me. She simply asked me, "So, what would you say you do here?" (Office Space anyone?) and I kind of laughed and said, "well, I'm here to help people!" and, in short, that's exactly what we do. 

Franchise Pros, like myself, are here to take those 5,000+ franchise businesses and really drill those down to your top 50 or so. Think of it like buying a house…here’s an example homebuyer journey:

Homebuyer profile:

Family of 4

Pets: 1 dog and 1 cat

Investment cash: $30,000

Credit Score: 680

Timeline: 6 months

Must Haves: garage, gas stove, fireplace, close to school

Deal Breakers: fixer uppers, lead paint, stairs

Now, there could be a beautiful, brand new, high-rise one bedroom apartment available in the exact neighborhood they want, right at the budget they want, with gas stove and fireplace a block away from the school with a parking garage BUT THIS HOME WILL NOT WORK FOR THEM!! A family of four with pets is not going to be super comfortable in those accommodations long term (and should probably fire their agent!). Just because it checks the boxes does NOT mean it is a good fit for them and their family.

The example above seems so obvious when you're looking at real estate, but when you're looking at businesses to start it isn't quite so glaring. This is where someone like me can really help someone like you to find the right fit. I would love to learn about your family, your career, your "dream" for the next 10 years (and beyond) and really understand the time commitment you want to make, the financial commitment, and lifestyle you'd like to achieve. It's not that the apartment was a "bad investment" because it actually would be a great investment for the right buyer. It's just not the right fit for you and your family to live in. But, maybe you're looking to keep your home and this is an investment property only -- well then let's go tour that bad boy!  

The point is, you will waste a lot of time, energy and resources taking "tours" all over town of houses that are never going to work for you or you can work with a Franchise Pro. A professional, like me, would love to take out all the apartments and condos on the list, all of the fixer-uppers and older homes with lead paint and get you narrowed down to that beauty with the white picket fence and green green grass. We don't cost you a thing either - the franchise you purchase pays our fee just like the seller does when you buy the home. So, there's really no reason to avoid getting the help you need from someone directly. If you need any help in your own journey, please do reach out for help!! 

At the end of the day, we want you to find your dream home and find it incredibly rewarding when we help someone fulfill that dream of business ownership. We have all of the financing partners, lawyers, CPA’s and other necessary players to truly evaluate your opportunities with you too. You can absolutely go through this process alone — but then again, you could build the house on your own too — but I wouldn’t recommend it!

Jeremiah Marquis