I'm lost, but I'm really moving


When I was a kid, I had a little green wheelbarrow with “I’m lost, but I’m really moving” on a bumper sticker on the back with a goofy alien sprinting to some unknown location. I loved seeing that, pretending to be the alien and running around with whatever I could find in the "barrow" without a destination or care for how much stuff bounced out as I ran behind it. Looking back, I’m lucky to have all my teeth after running at top speed behind a metal wheelbarrow!!

My little wheelbarrow with the silly bumper sticker stuck with me well into adulthood, and now, almost 30 years later, I think of it when I talk to clients or potential clients. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when they’re explaining what they’re doing looking for a business, and I think, “You’re lost, but you’re really moving!” They're talking to me about their experience, and their search so far, and their investment, and their kids they want to leave it to, and the paperwork, and the FDD, and the benefits of this franchise over that franchise, and financing, and legal, and timeline to profitability AND AND AND AND!!! The enthusiasm is absolutely there but the ability to take thousands of franchises, with all of their variables, criteria and investment levels, and distill that down to a top 50...that's super tough. They're burning through dozens a day to briefly skim over them, pick out the items they can and then move onto the next one. They're lost, but they're really moving.

Typically, someone starting their search for a new business is motivated and excited and open to ALL these possibilities. Quickly, however, these possibilities become options. Those options turn into choices. Choices quickly turn into commitments. Before ya know it, you're starting to wonder if the chicken franchise you saw earlier was one you absolutely loved...or was it that one you absolutely hated it? Was the cleaning services franchise shockingly great margins or shockingly bad margins when you reviewed it? What was it that one guy said from that one conversation you had with that one company that one day?? ARGH!

LET OUR TEAM HELP YOU! We cost you nothing, and we can help you eliminate thousands of franchises out there that don't fit all the things you're excited and care about in a business. We can help you focus all that energy and enthusiasm onto the top 50 that actually mean something to you. There are ~5,000 franchises out there, and your time is best spent on the 1% that actually matter. We have been around the block with years of combined experience to help you find the perfect match for you. Let us be your guide to channel that enthusiasm!

Jeremiah Marquis



Jeremiah Marquis